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2010. year, 09. March — Photos of 2010th Jeep Club Ogre measure in Jeep Club International website

Jeep Club Latvia organized outbreak to woodlands surrounding Ogre. There has not been such a severe winter in Latvia for a long time. More than 10 teams went out to test endurance of their Jeeps. They were met by temperature below -20oC (- 5oF) and snow layer of up to 80cm (2 2/3 feet) - a real challenge for any Jeep.

Event started early morning and finished late night. One of WJ faced the biggest challenge, when broke through ice and survived more than 4 hours in a freezing water while literally was lifted out of the trap. By the way - all electronic systems are still functioning OK. Everybody returned home filled with positive emotions to start preparations for next Jeep Club Latvia event in February.

Captured moments of event are attached below