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2010. year, 01. June — Expedition to Kaliningrad - ”Koening Expedition”.

The same as every year before Jeep Club Latvia launches for longer or shorter expeditions. Year has passed since 14 day expedition of Jeep Club Latvia enthusiasts to Murmansk "Polar day '09". This year was time to explore Kaliningrad. Jeep Club Latvia was represented by 3 Grand Cherokees driven by one of most devoted Jeep fans of Latvia, who has been testing capabilities of their Jeeps number of times - Submarine, Dinamo33, Judge and Jeeper. Expedition was organised in cooperation with "4x4 travelclub".

Teams were meeting at early morning of May 20th in Bauska and at 07:00 launched in planned direction. Planned route: Bauska - Panevezys - Kybartai - Nesterov - Tchernyakhovsk - Ozersk - Druzhba - Mamonovo - Ozerki - Kaliningrad - Primorsk - Kurshi dune - Kaunas - Riga. Total length of the route - 1200 including off road and high complexity stages.

In order to make expedition more interesting, the decision was taken to use experience of local guides, who were able to show real off road tracks, which are dream of every Jeeper. Guides were travelling with Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Cherokee. Jeepers with the help of their guides reached highest point of Kaliningrad region - hill top Kalinka (230 m above sea level), by negotiating only 10 km over 2 hours and moving across flooded meadows and off road tracks, covered by wet clay. Jeepers were excited by crossing of swamp territories for 5 km and visiting inactive military range, which still hosts manoeuvres from time to time. There were numerous crossings of small rivers, but the top of all was route along coastline of Baltic sea.

Accommodation was extreme, they had to coop with local cultural specifics, as well as regular daily rituals: breakfast coffee, internet, shower. Such expeditions cannot be imagined without curiosities like idling for border crossing for 4 hours, having lunch in amenities of former female prison, pig farm in ruins of old church, unexpected meetings in woods with local police to discover that you are in special restricted border area which can be visited with special permissions only. During expedition, participants visited many places remaining from periods of WWI and WWII, still bearing their historic charm.

"Up to now there are few clubs who takes courage to organise similar runs, therefore it is kind of unique happenings in history of Latvian automotive clubs", says member of expedition Jeeper, "we recommend to explore this route, and in case of any questions or necessity of consultations about this route, write to club@jeep.lv - we will share our experience with pleasure."

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